We are an energy consultancy, focused on making energy procurement and administration simple and transparent for our clients.

More About Our Company

The Greenspan Agency has been operating in the energy sector for over ten years. We help our clients buy and sell energy, thoroughly researching the market to ensure we secure the best prices.

We also manage the output from assets worth over £100m, including wind turbines, anaerobic digestion, hydro, solar PV and biomass. We have guided these projects through various stages of planning and development, and are involved in ongoing projects using a variety of technologies.

We strive to keep things simple, transparent, and provide good value to our clients.

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Recent Blog Posts

11 November 2019 |

ROC Recycle Value 2018-19

The total Renewables Obligation for electricity suppliers in the UK was 127,623,995 ROCs for 2018/19.  Suppliers...

11 June 2019 |

Renewables Set New Records

In May 2018, the UK passed 10 days of coal-free energy. As of the 4th June 2019, the UK passed 15 days without...

27 May 2019 |

ROC Recycle Additional Payment Apr17-Mar18

The 2017-18 RO late payment fund was redistributed on 30 November 2018 to suppliers who presented Renewables...

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