Ian Marchant to step down as Chief Executive of SSE

Posted on 23 January 2013

SSE Chief Executive Ian Marchant (pictured, centre) has today announced that he will stand down in the summer. Alistair Phillips-Davies (pictured, right), currently Deputy Chief Executive, will become Chief Executive on 1 July.

Finance Director Gregor Alexander (left) will have an expanded role in supporting and deputising for the Chief Executive in the running of SSE.

Lord Smith of Kelvin, Chairman of SSE, said: “I’d like to thank Ian.  He has been a Chief Executive of the highest standard, giving outstanding leadership to SSE and to the energy sector as a whole.

“In every one of his years as Chief Executive, SSE has delivered above-inflation increases in the dividend while making significant progress throughout its operations, including the quality of service provided to network and retail customers, and in other key areas such as the development of renewable energy.” 

He continued: “Under Ian’s leadership, and that of Alistair and Gregor as well, the company has been transformed in scale and scope. With all of these achievements, and after 10 years’ exemplary service as Chief Executive, I understand why Ian is choosing this time to step down.”

Ian Marchant, Chief Executive of SSE, said: “I have been tremendously privileged to be part of a team that has created SSE in to a company with a solid platform for future growth.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Chief Executive but feel that, after 10 years, the time is right for a change for both SSE and me. I am sure that SSE will continue to go from strength to strength under Alistair’s leadership. As for me, I am looking forward to new challenges – whatever they may be!”

Alistair Phillips-Davies, Deputy Chief Executive of SSE, said: “The job of Chief Executive is not one to be taken on lightly, but along with the responsibility comes the opportunity to build on the tremendous work that Ian has done in the past 10 years and to work with Gregor, the Management Board and the rest of the team throughout SSE to build on the company’s track record of real dividend growth, sector-leading customer service and commitment to making supplies of energy more sustainable and as affordable as possible.

“I am looking forward to the opportunity of the next few months to work with Ian, Gregor and the rest of the team to make this transition as seamless as possible.”

Ian Marchant joined SSE’s predecessor company Southern Electric in 1992 and joined the Board of SSE as Finance Director when it was formed in 1998. He was appointed Chief Executive in 2002.

Alistair Phillips-Davies joined SSE’s predecessor company Southern Electric in 1997 and joined the Board of SSE as Energy Supply Director in 2002. He became Generation and Supply Director in 2010 and was appointed Deputy Chief Executive in 2012.

Gregor Alexander joined SSE’s predecessor company Scottish Hydro Electric in 1990 and joined the Board of SSE as Finance Director in 2002. In addition to Finance, he was given Board-level responsibility for Group Services, including IT and HR, in 2010.