Scottish Government update on Renewables Obligation banding review

Posted on 7 February 2013

Solar PV PanelThe Scottish Government has responded today (07/02/13) to the latest review on the Scottish Renewables Obligation. Below is a summary of the response.

  • Wood fuelled biomass stations with an installed capacity greater than 15MW to have the award of ROCs linked to Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA) accreditation, with a requirement that such accreditation be secured during first period of operation.
  •  Such stations will – in the event that CHPQA accreditation is temporarily lost – be eligible for the relevant dedicated biomass ROC band (i.e. without CHPQA accreditation) for no more than five Obligation periods.
  • We propose to mirror the legislative changes and bands set out in the UK Government consultation response (published in December 2012) with respect to biomass and bioliquid co-firing, plus the retention of a gross calorific value requirement for gaseous fuel produced by means of gasification or pyrolysis.
  • We also propose to mirror the UK Government’s proposed changes to the bands and support levels for building mounted and ground mounted solar PV.

Our Renewables Obligation page shows a summary of the ROC banding levels.

The full response can be downloaded here SROC Banding Review 07.02.13

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