RWE npower plans to close seven plants by 2023

Posted on 9 January 2014

NP_LOGO_GRAD_iGerman utility firm RWE Npower has unveiled plans to close seven power plants in the UK by 2023 to comply with European Union emission rules.

Energy companies need to either fit emission reduction technology to their power stations or chose an option that limits their lifespan under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

RWE has chosen to close its Aberthaw coal-fired power station, two gas-fired units at its Didcot power station and a number of combined heat and power plants.

The company has until the end of 2015 to make its final decision, but had been required to notify the UK Government of its attentions.

Npower calls for clarity on energy market reforms

Kevin Nix, Managing Director of Generation UK at RWE Npower, said: “These are very important decisions and we have thought long and hard about what is right for our business, our power stations, and our people. We welcome the flexibility provided by UK Government in allowing a final decision to be made by the end of 2015.”

“Only once we have political clarity on how the energy market will operate under the Government’s new energy legislation, as well as under other political changes to be enacted, will we be able to make that final decision with confidence.”

“RWE has invested more than £5 billion into new power stations for Britain in the past five years. However power stations across Europe are finding market conditions increasingly difficult. Britain needs long-term cross party support for both the objectives and the delivery of this country’s energy policy to create the kind of market stability needed to make very large, long-term investment decisions.”

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