Renewable Heat Incentive

The non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was first implemented in 2011 to reward businesses who generate heat using eligible renewable technologies.

The following renewable heat technologies receive support under the RHI:

  • Biogas Combustion
  • Solid Biomass (including CHP)
  • Ground/Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Deep Geothermal
  • Biomethane Injection
  • Solar Thermal

Preliminary accreditation (preliminary registration for biomethane plants) is available to help developers plan their projects.

As of October 2015, RHI claimants using biomass feedstocks in their installation need to demonstrate compliance with Sustainability Criteria. Further details can be found here.

Below are some of the services Greenspan offer to assist RHI claimants:

  • Guidance on legislation
  • Support on meeting requirements and claiming under the RHI
  • Greenhouse gas emissions calculations for current and future biogas feedstocks
  • Management of applications to Ofgem for the RHI
  • Periodic data submission to Ofgem for operational RHI installations
  • Heat Loss Assessments
  • Schematics
from the 20th September 2017
Less than 200kWth28.80
200kWth - 600kWth22.60
Above 600kWth8.60
BiomassLess than 200kWth129.60
200kWth - 1MWth129.60
Above 1MWth129.60
All solar collectors
Less than 200kWth104.40
Solid biomass CHP systems
All capacities42.90
Air source heat pumpsAll capacities26.10
Water / Ground source heat pumpsAll capacities190.90
Deep geothermalAll capacities52.20
Biomethane injection First 40,000 MWh eligible biomethane132.00
Next 40,000 MWh eligible biomethane218.90
Remaining MWh eligible biomethane314.50

As of Winter 2017/2018, new RHI regulations which were anticipated throughout 2017 are still to come into force. These are expected to introduce wide ranging changes and the RHI is in a transitionary period. Please contact us directly for the latest on the RHI scheme.