PPA Renewals

The Greenspan Agency are responsible for renewing over 100 PPA agreements per year and we see exciting opportunities in amongst an uncertain market. Greenspan are fully abreast of proposed market changes which could directly affect the sales potential of our generating clients. As well as being able to forecast the impact of these, we are actively watching market trends to take advantage of positive movement. Greenspan provides a fully comprehensive comparison document that compares each quote received on a like for like basis and allows the customer to make an informed decision. We typically seek renewal quotes from suppliers who we know have been competitive in the technology, region, and scale of the installation. Greenspan pride ourselves on working on behalf of the generator rather than energy suppliers, so we take no commission from signed contracts, and all negotiated benefits are 100% attributed to the generator.

Whilst supporting a competitive market, it’s also increasingly important to use reputable and robust energy suppliers who are creditworthy. Greenspan recognise that best price may not be the best option if it comes with financial uncertainty for the duration of your contract. PPA offers are becoming more complex with each supplier displaying their offer in a unique way. It’s important that quotes are compared on a like-for-like basis to allow an informed decision to be made. Figures that look exciting on paper but are estimated by suppliers, rather than guaranteed, should be treated with caution.

Our aim is to develop long and fruitful relationships with renewable generators that we can continue to aid and assist year on year. We firmly believe that the more schemes we act for, the more knowledge and market intelligence we gain which provides additional value to every one of our customers


Wholesale Power Prices over the past 12 Months