Scottish Government confirms support for onshore wind

Posted on 23 July 2012

First Minister Alex Salmond has confirmed the level of support the Scottish Government plans to offer the onshore wind sector – urging the UK Government to do the same and give clarity to the renewable energy industry.

In a letter to UK Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change Ed Davey, the First Minister provided details of the outcome of the Renewables Obligation (RO) Review in Scotland for onshore wind.

Based on existing and published evidence, the Scottish Government intends to provide support for onshore wind generation in Scotland at a level of 0.9 Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) – a reduction of ten per cent, in line with proposals in the recent consultation on this issue.  The letter makes clear the Scottish Government is not aware of any evidence for any further reduction.

Confirmation of levels of support to be made available to onshore wind generators in Scotland follows the announcement that the UK’s Department for Energy and Climate Change would delay its response to the RO review.

The First Minister said:

“Across Europe and around the world, governments, citizens and industry are working to develop a low carbon economy, including big increases in clean energy generation – protecting the environment and creating jobs in the process. The binding targets to which the UK and Scottish Governments have each signed up mean that renewables capacity and investment in Scotland is in the interest of communities across these islands.

“The continuing uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the Renewables Obligation reviews upon which both Governments have consulted risks undermining significantly our ability to meet our shared renewable energy aims.

“DECC’s announcement this week to delay its ROC review decision has caused real anxiety to stakeholders and developers, especially in the light of recent press reports that the UK Government is considering even lower onshore wind support levels than the 10 per cent reduction proposed in the consultation.

“This wholly unnecessary uncertainty is jeopardising future investment – the CBI spoke last Wednesday of millions of pounds of investment now at risk.

“That is why I wish to make clear that the Scottish Government intends to amend the onshore wind ROC band to 0.9 with effect from April 2013, in line with all available evidence.

“We will publish our full consultation response shortly, but the renewable industry requires and deserves a clear statement of intent.”