DECC spokesperson responding to Alistair Buchanan

Posted on 19 February 2013

DECCDECC spokesperson responding to Alistair Buchanan, CEO of Ofgem, on Keeping Britain’s lights on

“Around one-fifth of our ageing power stations are due to close over the next decade, so as Ofgem highlights, we cannot afford to be complacent and may face a looming energy gap.

“The reforms we are introducing to the electricity market through the Energy Bill are aimed at plugging this gap in order to keep the lights on.

“We have legislated to introduce a Capacity Market that will help guard against blackouts and ensure there is sufficient supply when margins get tight.

“Our reforms will incentivise a record £110 billion of private sector investment in new clean power generation – in renewables, new gas, nuclear and Carbon Capture and Storage.

“Investing in a diverse energy mix will help us to insulate consumers from the high price of wholesale gas, which drives up bills.

“As well as investing in new infrastructure, we need to reduce the amount of energy that is wasted from our leaky homes. Our energy efficiency programme, the Green Deal will help consumers lower their bills by making their homes more energy efficient.“We have also tabled amendments to the Energy Bill to help households get on the cheapest available energy tariff, and we are making sure there is more support available for vulnerable households.

“Through the Warm Home Discount Scheme, we expect two million households to receive support in 2012/13. This includes over one million of the poorest pensioners who will have received an automatic discount of £130 off their electricity bill”.