M&S ‘Renewable Energy Award’ winner

Posted on 20 June 2013

RHS - FFTF Renewable Energy winner - Robert EthersonRobert Etherson of Energen Biogas in Cumbernauld has received the Renewable Energy Award from Marks & Spencer at the first day of this year’s Royal Highland Show (20 June 2013).

This award showcases someone within the M&S supply base who generates renewable energy, which is purchased back by M&S. Energen Biogas was recognised for its innovative production of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Renewable Energy from 100% of M&S Scotland’s food waste.

Every year Renewable Award winner Robert Etherson from Energen Biogas transforms food waste from M&S stores in Scotland into renewable energy through Anaerobic Digestion (AD).  Approximately 19,000 MWh per year of electricity from the AD plant is purchased back by M&S. This is enough to power 33 M&S Simply Food stores.

 The facilities processing ability if 60,000 tonnes and M&S contribute a relatively small percentage of this in Scotland.

Steve Mclean, M&S Head of Agriculture & Fisheries added: “This innovative and now award winning initiative from Energen Biogas allows us to work towards our Plan A commitments and really helps to close the loop on food waste. It is most definitely a worthy recipient of this accolade.”

The award was presented by Grant Mackie of The Greenspan Agency, M&S’ renewable energy partner.