Greenspan obtain planning permission for 3MW Biogas plant

Posted on 4 August 2014

The Greenspan Agency obtained planning permission on Friday (1 August 2014) for an Anaerobic Digestion project of 3MWe generating capacity. The system will be developed by applicant Beeswax Farming (Rainbow) Ltd. who own and operate the surrounding Carrington Estate in Lincolnshire.

55,000 tonnes of feedstock will go into the digester annually, delivering 21,900MWh of renewable electricity and 19,085MWh of renewable heat each year.

The Greenspan Agency also worked with the Distribution Network Operator to secure the connection to the electrical grid.

Robert Hall, Farms Director at Beeswax Farming, commented: “The Greenspan Agency helped shape a clear vision for the project from the start and met key deadlines. They presented a professional planning application package to the local authority, and managed this application through to a successful conclusion.”

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