Community Projects

We recognise that community-owned projects already play a key part in the future of renewable energy development. The Greenspan Agency are proud to be part of the Local Energy Scotland CARES Project Management Framework, which has been put together with the aim of helping communities progress with renewable energy projects.

As a result of the significant amount of interest renewable energy projects generate within communities, our Bureau and Energy Planning team have a wealth of experience creating constructive dialogue with stakeholders in the community, as well as collaborating for and setting up community funds.


The Fetterangus community was looking for a consistent, sustainable income that would support village projects and initiatives. This 800 kW Enercon wind turbine has helped the community achieve this by providing them with steady income since its construction in 2013. The Greenspan Agency continues to work with the Fetterangus Power Ltd in the management and bureau aspects of their wind turbine.


In 2014, Barra joined the group of islands with entirely community-owned wind turbines, adding to their income for investment in local development projects. A 900 kW Enercon E-44 wind turbine was installed at Gòb Sgùrabhal, on the most north westerly point of the Isle of Barra. The Barra wind turbine project received support from both the Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) and Renewable Energy Investment Fund. The Greenspan Agency provides ongoing support to Barra & Vatersay Wind Energy Ltd in both a bureau and administrative capacity.